National PTA states, "When you work with PTA, your company demonstrates its commitment to improving the life and education of every child." 

What is a CCCPTA Community Sponsor? Community Sponsors are local businesses and nonprofits that have the ability to offer one or more of the following to PTAs across Chesterfield County:

We currently serve 51 schools with nearly 60,000 students in the population. We are seeking Community Sponsors to connect with local PTA leaders, in order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. We accept applications in the Spring, as our sponsorship program runs May-April, which aligns with the CCCPTA calendar. 


Interested in becoming a Community Sponsor? Contact our CCCPTA Community Sponsor Chair at


The CCCPTA appreciates our Community Sponsors and endeavors to connect them to Chesterfield County Public Schools and local PTA / PTSAs who are interested in their services, though the CCCPTA does not specifically endorse any commercial product or service. If you believe a company is misrepresenting its relationship with PTA or if you have general questions about our Community Sponsor program, please email